Board of Directors

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Tori Smith: President



Before becoming a foster carer I worked for 10 years across several agencies providing alternative education for young people in care, then as a residential carer and as a foster care case manager. I also lived as a lead-tenant mentoring 9 adolescents. These roles exposed me to the needs of children in care, which I couldn’t ignore, and I became a foster carer myself with Anchor in 2007.  These days I do therapeutic foster care case management part-time and have been doing research about out-of-home care part-time too, both with Anglicare. I have two siblings who have been in my care for nearly 3 years and look like they will stay long-term, and I maintain regular contact with a couple of kids I used to have in care.


My interest in becoming a board member for FCAV stems from: being immersed in the out-of-home care system; seeing its inadequacies daily; feeling its frustrations as it effects my children and the children and families with whom I work; learning constantly about better ways of doing things from other carers and professionals as well as research and academic literature (at all levels – systemic through to my own day-to-day care techniques); having a deep passion for advocating for kids and young people; and holding on to hope and belief that things can be better despite the realities of the status quo. 


Luke Sapwell: Vice President



I am a banking and finance professional with over 12 years’ experience working for some of Australia’s largest financial institutions.  Originally from Melbourne, I relocated to Townsville as a child. At age 8 I was placed into foster care with my sister due to a history of family violence and drug & alcohol abuse.  At age 14 our grandparents became our kinship carers until adulthood. My 10 years’ experience in the out of home care system has been a huge driving factor in my desire to be involved with organisations and projects that work with young people in out of home care, foster carers and those who work in the field. 


Previously I have had the pleasure of being a Young Consultant with the Create Foundation. This role gave me the opportunity to assist in the running of workshops and events aimed at educating workers and carers on various topics, as well as the development of educational materials and foster carer resources. I was also given a platform to tell my story through radio interviews and workshops. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to connect with other young people who were or are in out of home care. We were able to share our experiences with others who truly understood. This experience really cemented my desire to continue my involvement with organisations who work towards bettering the lives of those in or who are involved with the out of home care system. 


I look forward to using my role on the FCAV board of directors as a platform to share my personal experiences in the out of home care system. In doing so I hope that I can pave the way for a better experience for all of those young people that find themselves in out of home care.


Sue Segar: Secretary



I am a former Victoria Police Officer (13 years) and Qantas Customer Service Manager (16 years). Together with my partner Shaun, I am a foster carer and mum to a 2 year old girl and our 5 year old son. Through Anglicare Bendigo my partner and I have provided respite and long-term care over the last 12 months and we are currently preparing for family reunification. I have always been passionate about children and especially those in out of home care. My first-hand carer experience has inspired me to keep caring for children wherever possible - and to put myself forward for membership of the FCAV Board.


My experiences with Victoria Police and Qantas taught me about operating with large, complex and highly regulated systems in order to serve the public. I am passionate about working in the community and supporting families to navigate the support systems created by government and the not for profit sector. I have spent 2 years on the managing committee of our Kindergarten including as current President. We have focused particularly on parent engagement, student wellbeing and improving kindergarten governance and policies. This experience demonstrates my ability to improve systems for the benefit of families and to ensure effective engagement with the families we serve.


Zoe Sredovic: Treasurer



Zoe Sredovic is a Certified Practicing Accountant with 30 plus years of experience in Commercial Finance. Across her long career at News Corp Australia, Zoe has rotated through varying roles within the finance, commercial and community space. This includes Head of Reporting and Controls for the Herald and Weekly Times, Head of Finance and Operations for the Leader Community News, Commercial Finance Manager for News Corp National Community Media and her most current position as the Commercial Finance Manager for News Corp Publishing.  


Zoe’s commitment to the community is reflected in her not-for profit involvement as a board member of the Good Friday Appeal and her continual voluntary work across her career.


Zoe is passionate about children’s wellbeing and looks forward to being a member of the FCAV community and help foster positive relationships for children.


Jemma Caleo





Jemma has worked as a Registered Psychologist for the past 20 years and is currently in private practice. She has worked for the Department of Human Services as a Behaviour Intervention Support Practitioner, Team Leader and then as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Office of the Senior Practitioner with the aim to reduce all restrictive interventions for people with a disability across the state. She worked at Lewis and Lewis Psychological Consultancy providing assessment and support for children in schools across Victoria. Jemma gradually moved over to work in private practice, which she absolutely loves as she can directly support children and families through their most challenging times.


Jemma and her husband Anthony have four children under 7 years of age. Jemma feels a strong need to contribute and help the community and is currently on the Management Committee at her children’s kindergarten in the role of Treasurer. This has involved implementing significant financial changes and ensuring that the kindergarten is viable into the future. She thoroughly enjoys the dynamic nature of committee management; including policy and procedure review and ensuring good governance. Jemma is keen to contribute to family and community-based organisations and excited to have the opportunity to work with the FCAV.



Alexis King


AKing picAlexis has over 19 years’ experience working as a HR professional and people manager in manufacturing, private industry, local government and the water industry. After completing a Business Management Degree with Victoria University in 2000, her career began at Thales in North East Victoria. After 10 years in the manufacturing industry Alexis moved to local government as the Manager People and Performance at Rural City of Wangaratta. After relocating to Melbourne in 2014, Alexis commenced work at City of Darebin where she had roles working within the Aged Care and Disability team and then later working with the Executive, Mayor and Councillors in governance.


In 2013/14 Alexis was one of 4 Victorian local government professionals to be selected to participate in a mentoring program with Timor-Leste local government officers.  The program allowed Alexis to spend time in Timor-Leste working alongside her mentees.


Alexis completed her Masters in Business Administration in 2016 after being awarded a rural scholarship with La Trobe University. Alexis is now working at Western Water in the role of Organisational Development Manager.


Alexis is very passionate about equality, welfare and education especially with children, and is looking forward to joining the FCAV board.

Alexis has 3 children and in her spare times loves playing netball, going to the gym and cooking.


Malcolm McLeod


My wife Veronia and I live in Echuca and have been full-time carers for 10 years and respite carers for Veronica's parents for 15 years. We have 2 children of our own and currently care for 6 children in out of home care. 

I am on the FCAV board to continue the great work carers provide on a day-to-day basis and in previous years and help improve our system to obtain new carers and supports for kids in out of home care. We see children in OOHC as the children most in need of stability, structure, consistency and most importantly love. I would like to help facilitate this and help our young generation move forward in life with the same opportunities that children in their own homes have. 


Kym Phillips



Kym Phillips is an Information Technology consultant having worked in the industry for over 40 years. He has worked for several Global 500 companies, but currently focuses on IT consulting to local small businesses in Melbourne. 

Kym received his care-giver accreditation in 2009 and is also trained as a “Circle Program” carer. He and his partner currently provide long-term care for three adolescent boys, as well as providing lodgings for another young man who has recently left the care system but remains a member of the household.  Over the years Kym has provided emergency, short-term, respite and long-term care for numerous young people. 

Kym is a passionate advocate for both Carers and Young People in the care system. He is a member of the Carer Advisory Group for the West Division, and was co-chair of the West Division CAG for the second term. He sits on the Better Futures (Home Stretch) Housing Working Group as carer representative and has contributed to several “Roadmap to Reform” DHHS workshops. 

Kym has made several media appearances on TV, radio and print in an effort to recruit carers as well as to highlight the plight of young people leaving the care system without supports. 


Megan Sadlier



Megan is a results’ driven professional with over 10 years’ experience in the Victorian Education and the Community sector working towards change in foster care to improve the security, safety, and well-being of our children and young people. Megan contributes to the development of initiatives through the application of organisational objectives and resources.


Megan has been a carer for 7 years, opening her home and heart to placements ranging from long term to emergency care, and has firsthand experience and knowledge to inform the board with valuable insights into the sector.


As Director of a family owned and run vineyard and farming company, Megan has demonstrated leadership working with children and youth in state care and is acutely aware of the individual plights these young people experience in our current (very imperfect) system. She has the drive to campaign for children and young people in care and advocate for the unmet needs and unheard voices of such vulnerable groups within our community.


With extensive networking connections across a broad spectrum of government, public and industry, Megan sources to influence policy around financial support and awareness of the needs for at risk children and young people. Her personal passion is for children, and young persons in the out-of-home care system while her professional passion is with adult and youth mental health including a particular drive to assist ‘at risk’ clients.


Megan sits on industry based advisory and working groups and committees and holds a Grad. Dip in Psych, B. Bus and is currently completing a Master of Social Work.



Daryl Sloan



In 1963, then aged two I was charged with criminal offences in Russell St Police Station and made a Ward of the State (VIC).

My life experiences in “Children’s Homes and Institutions” in those years left me passionate about bettering lives of children and teens who through no fault of their own are placed into what today is known as “State Care.”


My wife (Deb) and I live in country Victoria (Shepparton) and are foster carers of over 20 years; undertaking adolescent community placements, emergency, respite and long term care. For the last decade we have been carers of a rather high needs eleven year old lad who will remain part of our mob as long as he wants. Like other people now grown up and discharged from State Care, he always will be welcome at home, having bagged forever a part of our hearts and lives. We are also blessed to be long term carers of the naughtiest, cheekiest and possibly the most cutest and loving autistic 6 year old, we love him dearly and are in awe at the progress we see he is making in his life.     


My qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Applied Systems Theory & Family Therapy, Certificates in Applied Science, Workplace Training and numerous short courses including Alcohol & Other Drugs, Mental Health, Suicide Intervention, (ASSIST) etc.  


I’m employed as Advocacy Program Manager & Aboriginal Advocate to engage with and work people with disabilities, their carers and within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities, supervising staff across approximately two thirds of regional Victoria and parts of NSW. Previously I worked long-term for the Salvation Army as a Youth and Family Worker in SAAP funded residential youth refuges, contingency care houses and as an Assertive Outreach Case Manager to homeless adults with complex and polymer issues.