What We Do

The Foster Care Association of Victoria is the peak body for Victorian foster carers. Established in 1992, we are a not-for-profit organisation working towards better outcomes for foster carers and the children in their care.

Foster care is the backbone of the Victorian response to protective intervention for children and young people at risk. Foster carers are the volunteers providing a home, family life and care to children and young people who are unable to live with their birth family for a variety of reasons. All of these children have suffered traumatic events and the role of our foster carers is critical and complex. 


The Foster Care Association is here to provide information, support and advocacy directly to all Victorian foster families.


Our work directly impacts the care provided to the thousands of Victorian children and young people in foster care by providing:

  • Carer Information Support Service hotline - free, independent advice and support to foster carers over the phone.
  • Advocating on behalf of foster carers to government, their agencies and in the community.
  • Community building - as the only centralised body for all foster carers in the state; providing forums, training and carer events.
  • Providing carer news and updated information through our comprehensive website, regular newsletters and e-news.


The Foster Care Association represents over 4,000 foster carers across Victoria. In tandem with one-to-one support we provide to individual foster carers, our role as a membership Association is to advocate for vital improvements to the foster care system.


The Foster Care Association is mandated to strengthen Victoria’s investment in greater recognition, respect and resources for foster carers, the volunteers who every day and every night make a difference in the lives of Victoria’s children and young people. 


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