Carer Life Survey

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The Carer Life survey offers effective and timely feedback of carers’ satisfaction with their role, enabling FCAV to capture data in a regular, consistent and easy to use format. Priorities for the FCAV are directly informed by foster carer’s experiences in providing care to the children in their homes. As the peak body representing foster carers in Victoria, the FCAV continues to champion change through government working groups and independent review processes which aim to target areas for improvement.

Consistent areas of highest priority remains increasing the foster carer allowance and more funding for other expenses for children in care, as reflected in the responses to Carer Life. Over the 18 month period that we have conducted Carer Life, Allowance and Funds remain to be lowest rated by carers. We have seen positive shifts overall in areas of Training, Support, Coordination and Communication. We are passionate about lifting the voices of carers, and thus we display a diverse range of comments received from the chorus of stories and opinions shared in relation to our question areas.


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