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Relevant Legislation
Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria, Australia (DHHS)


  • Carer Reference Guide: Frequently Asked Questions This reference guide was created to help foster and kinship carers quickly locate information regarding common questions that may arise during their experience caring for children and young people in out-of-home care.


  • Charter for Children in Out of Home CareProvides a clear and simple set of statements of the rights that children and young people can expect to be upheld throughout their time in care as well as explanatory notes about these rights.

  • Child Protection Manual (launched 1 December 2015)

  • Education Partnering Agreement  A Partnering Agreement between the Department of Human Services Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Independent Schools Victoria

  • Financial Support Guide For Home Based Carers The guide outlines the range of Victorian and Commonwealth Government supports that can assist carers in meeting the needs of children and young people in their care.


  • Guidelines for Consent for Participation in Excusions Camps Activities . Guidelines for consent for participation of children and young people in out of home care in school excusions, camps and other non-school activities.   

  • Helping Carers Helping Kids Podcast. 11-part podcast series that provides additional information and insights on a range of topics to help foster and kinship carers in their important role.

  • Permanency for Children. Legislative changes came into effect on 1 March 2016 to address harmful delays in decision-making for children who cannot live with their families due to concerns about their safety and wellbeing.The changes will make a significant difference for children, particularly those who are in out-of-home care and are not likely to be able to return safely to their parent’s care.


  • Quality of Care Concerns in Out of Home Care.These guidelines have been developed to ensure that quality of care concerns relating to home-based carers (including lead tenants), residential carers and kinship carers are responded to in a consistent and timely manner. We must be confident that children and young people in care are safe and well cared for and that carers are supported and treated fairly while concerns are investigated. You may also wish to view FCAV Information sheet regarding Quality of Care.

  • The Victorian Foster Carer Charter. The Victorian Foster Carer Charter (the charter) helps foster carers understand their rights and responsibilities and helps those who work with foster carers to understand their responsibilities to provide support. The charter is included in Chapter one of the Victorian Handbook for Foster Carers. 


  • Victorian Handbook for Foster Carers.  The Victorian Handbook for Foster Carers is the primary resource available to foster carers in Victoria. It clarifies the role of a carer, and the roles of others working with children and young people involved with child protection in Victoria. The handbook also contains useful information and tools to help carers support the children and young people in their care.


Commission for Children and Young People