Carer Assistance Program

It is well recognised that carers of children in the Out Of Home Care system including (Foster Carers, Permanent Carers, Adoptive Parents and Family Law Court Ordered Carers) can be overwhelmed by a range of issues which may impact their physical and psychological health.

The Carer Assistance Program (CAP) provides therapeutic counselling aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of these carers by providing targeted support, with sector specific knowledge and expertise.

Some of the issues you might need additional support for include 

- Loss and grief following a child/ren or young person having moved from your care 

- Concerns regarding mental health eg anxiety and depression

- Blocked care 

- System ‘trauma’ 

- Navigating the impact of complex behaviours in children / young people



If you feel that you might benefit from CAP support, please fill out the referral form online. You will then be contacted via email confirming your appointment details.


The CAP service is free and confidential*


*Please note that limits to confidentiality might apply if you or your child/ren are identified as being at risk of harm.


The CAP support is currently delivered by two counsellors, Tonya and Nic. Please see below for available working days.


















Tonya Bavaro

Tonya joined the FCAV in 2016 and worked as a member of the Carer Information and Support Service team until September 2020. Since the launch of the FCAV’s new Carer Assistance Program (CAP), Tonya has been delivering the CAP’s counselling and therapeutic support to Victorian foster carers. Tonya’s previous work history includes extensive experience working therapeutically with children and families impacted by abuse and trauma. She continues to be a strong advocate for children in home based care and is committed to delivering a unique and targeted therapeutic program focussed on the wellbeing of carers, in recognition of the critical role they play in the lives of these children.


Tonya's working days are Mondays and Tuesdays. 



IMG 3193 

Nic Masuku


We welcome Nic who has joined the FCAV Care Assistant Program team this year. Nic possesses extensive experience providing individual therapeutic intervention and family therapy, advocacy and case management to children, youth and families involved with child protection and out of home care. Nic is deeply passionate about providing a safe and open space through a client-centred holistic approach, with the goal of supporting the client create a new narrative and improve their psychosocial well-being. Currently completing a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy through ACAP to further expand their therapeutic skills and knowledge around trauma-informed intersectional approaches for children and adults linked to the Out of Home Care sector, Nic brings an inviting and youthful energy to their sessions and interactions with clients, and the ability to hold space for personal reflection and validation of experiences.


Nic's working days are Tuesday and Friday