Divisional Carer Advisory Groups

Carer Advisory Group Update 2022


There are around 50 carers across the state who are members of four Divisional Carer Advisory Groups, established to improve the lines of communication between carers, community service organisations and DFFH. 


The Carer Advisory Groups (CAGs) are now in their 8th year of operation, although 2020/21 had obvious barriers to progress. The FCAV hopes to provide minutes and updates from CAGs on a regular basis as well as scope for strengthening the connections between the CAGs and the Carer Strategy Working Group, which has begun it's work again in early 2022.

The forum provides a great opportunity for carers and carer representatives to contribute to the future design of the children and families services system in Victoria. Divisional CAGs share updates on their activities and progress at quarterly meetings. They discuss the challenges carers are facing and how CAGs can help to address these challenges. CAGs also spend time on developing their local area plans, focusing on strengthening and supporting carers at the local level. Expressions of Interest are open to carers, although a drive to recruit interested carers occurs on a three year basis, due to reoccur this year in 2022.


CAG Terms of Reference

Information for Carers

Expression of Interest Form


For further information on Carer Advisory Groups please contact the divisional representative at Department of Families, Fairness and Housing:


Key secretariat contacts for divisional Carer Advisory Groups


North Division: Jade Baker and Rebecca Collins job share the secretariat function for the CAG. Jade Baker (DFFH) Jade.Baker@dffh.vic.gov.au and Rebecca Collins (DFFH) Rebecca.Collins@dffh.vic.gov.au


West Division: Sandie Mitchell,  Sandie.Mitchell@dffh.vic.gov.au and Tina Coviello (DFFH) Tina.Coviello@dffh.vic.gov.au


South Division: Karyn Spencer (DFFH) Karyn.Spencer@dffh.vic.gov.au  


East Division: Ashley Malpass Ashley.Malpass@dffh.vic.gov.au – Ashley is the Divisional contact, however the CAGs meet by local area.



History of updates

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