Caring Through Art : 6-week online group

FCAV would like to offer a unique opportunity for Foster carers during COVID -19 to be better supported over a 6 week period with a group of up to 15 foster carers called “Caring Through Art”


Recent research shows that carers are expressing distress, trauma, anger and isolation during this challenging time. As professionals we label it compassion fatigue and often consider it to be the cost of caring, where the emotional strain of managing others who are suffering from trauma can become overwhelming. Being compassionate, being loving, helping others, and doing good in the community is fantastic for our health and make us feel really good. Good deeds and compassionate acts feed our self-esteem, make us feel more connected and give us a sense of purpose in the world. But we also need to look after our own needs and we hope to offer this balance through the group.


FCAV would like to extend an opportunity for carers to connect together in a small group setting and explore their emotions via art and self-care exercises. Research shows us that through active participation in art therapy the participants will be energised, redirects their attention and influences emotion (Cathy A. Malchioi). This training will then assist carers to offer their learning to the child in their care and build their attachment. As a non-verbal means of communication it helps children as they do not always have the words to convey feelings accurately. Memories emerge through touch, imagery or guided body movements and can be more easily tolerated. Bruce Perry states that sensory experiences enhance secure attachment, affiliation with other, empathy and self-regulation. It alters the neural systems involved in the stress responses and development of secure attachments. Art therapy is also a normalizing experience across cultures.


We will supply you with an art pack that will include a number of mediums so no need to buy anything. It is also not a requirement for you to be an experienced artist to join us. We will post it out the kit prior to our first evening. It will be important to have a tranquil environment and time to immerse yourself into your creativity. If you are unable to complete the 6 week course, you will be required to post back the art kit, at your own expense or pay for the cost of a replacement to allow another carer into the group.


We start on Tuesday 25th August from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm and then every week for the following 6 weeks, finishing on 29th September.


Please register your interest in the group by emailing Deb Collard at with your full name, postal address, contact number and agency. 


COVID 19 Sucks Clary

Summing up the pandemic experience for young people depicted through the amazing artwork of young person, Clarry.

Thank you Clarry for sharing your art with us. 

© Clarry 2020 - shared with artist's permission.