Do a Physical Challenge

Seeking a personal physical challenge? Sign up for one of the dozens of funs runs and physical challenges held in Victoria each year and become a Foster Care Crusader for the Foster Care Association of Victoria. From 2km walks to full marathons, there are plenty of events for all fitness levels. 


With the incredible support of individuals, organisations and community groups across Victoria, the Foster Care Association of Victoria is able to make a real difference to foster carers.


We’ve listed some of the most popular events below. You might also wish to get in touch with your local council or search online to find other events.




WhatWhenFor more information
Stadium Stomp MCG 26 June

Run Melbourne 24 July

Melbourne Marathon 16 Oct

Sandy Point Half Marathon 21 Aug

Father’s Day Bike Ride Melb 6 Sept

Great Southern Crossing
virtual cycling across Aust

Medibank Melbourne Marathon 16 Oct

Tough Mudder Melbourne 19 & 20 Nov

The City 2 Sea 20 Nov

Emma and Tom’s Chrismas Run Dec

*Where links aren't provided, the event website might not yet be available. 


It’s easy to get started. 

Simply sign up for the event and create an online fundraising page.


One of the easiest ways to collect funds is through your own online fundraising page. It’s simple and convenient to use and you can even add your own photos and blog posts.


Set up your Everyday Hero fundraising page here


Once you’ve created your page you can share it with your friends and family and post it on your social media networks as a great start to your fundraising.