Access Keys - customised accessibility guides

Access KeysTM are a FREE resource developed by AccessAbilityAustralia.


An Access Key is a customised accessibility guide that provides accurate and convenient information about visiting venues and events. They are universally designed to suit a wide range of audiences of all ages including people living with disability (invisible or physical), people with mental health challenges, parents and carers as well as individuals that would like an improved level of pre-visit information.


Access Keys’ highly sequenced design process helps people understand what to expect from a specific situation before they actually attend and are a great tool for fostering independent participation.  They include maps, communication boards, professional photographs and supportive text as well as including key sensory information (e.g. what sounds you are likely to hear on your visit). Access Keys can also act as a distinctive reflective communication tool providing a pivotal link between experience and recall.


Access Keys are available for free download from the library website of AccessAbilityAustralia. Each Access Key is provided in full colour as well as large print format (for people with low vision or print disability).


Access Keys are remote responsive, can be transposed into alternate formats (Braille/audio) for people who are blind or have low vision, can be translated into other languages and can also be printed.


Every Access Key includes implementation guidelines and is fully endorsed by a practising Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist.