Announcing a new process for birth registrations

Following our extensive and forthright advocacy across the sector about the failure to identify and register births of some children in care in a timely manner, the DHHS will be actively looking into and addressing the cases identified by FCAV where a birth registration has not been gained.
In addition to taking action on the identified cases, we have met with the DHHS and advocated more broadly for widespread improvements to occur with Births, Deaths and Marriages to improve and streamline the birth registration process.  The DHHS has agreed to promote with staff the importance of registering births and to consider the systemic barriers that may delay or prevent birth registration.
This is a major achievement to address systemic failure from the State for both the children and carers in exercising their human right to an identity. The FCAV welcomes the Department’s willingness to work with the FCAV to address carer’s concerns about this issue.
If you are, despite working with your agency and the child’s case manager, facing barriers and lengthy delays in gaining a birth registration please get in touch with the FCAV with the following details so that your case can be follow up:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Location
• Court order (if known)
• Agency (if relevant)
Please email Rowan Pulford with an inquiry: including the above information for the child/ren or young people in your care or ring Rowan on 03 9416 4292 (Wednesday or Thursday) if you wish to discuss your case further.