Bushfire safety over the summer period

As a valued carer of children and young people, you should begin preparing for the safety of your family and any children and young people in your care during the bushfire season this summer. As Victoria regularly experiences bushfires in the summer season, it is important that precautions are taken to minimise the impact of bushfires if you live in a bushfire risk area.  


If you live in one of the state’s bushfire risk locations, you may be required to complete a Leaving Early Plan. If this is the case, you will be contacted by your community service organisation or departmental child protection worker to help you do this.  This plan will need to be followed ahead of any Code Red bushfire risk days. If you consider that you live in a bushfire risk location and you have not been contacted by the end of November, please contact your community service organisation.


The Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission recommended that children and other vulnerable people do not remain during the defence of a property. Please ensure children leave early from bushfire prone areas when fire risk danger escalates, or evacuate them, if safe to do so, if there are signs of a fire in your area. It is important during any emergency that you observe Victoria Police or any other emergency authority’s directions to evacuate, such as the Country Fire Authority (CFA).


To complete your planning and preparations, the following information to assist:


  • The CFA District Headquarters in your area can answer specific queries about bushfire planning and preparedness; contact numbers are included on the enclosed contact list.
  • The CFA website: www.cfa.vic.gov.au provides the latest information to track the level of bushfire risk in your area.
  • Radio bulletins on your local ABC or commercial radio stations will broadcast fire authority messages and warnings.
  • The VicEmergency Hotline - 1800 226 226, website and app (www.emergency.vic.gov.au) provides up-to-date bushfire information.
  • The Translating and Interpreting Service- 131 450- can provide translated information from the Bushfire Information Line.


Please be vigilant and leave early when there is a fire in your area or when you judge it is unsafe to remain even if a Code Red fire weather warning has not been officially declared. Stay safe if you are travelling by monitoring bushfire risk and check with the relevant local fire authorities if you are travelling interstate.  If you are travelling within Victoria in the holiday period please consider the local bushfire risk and if you believe you may require a leaving early plan please contact your worker.