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The Foster Care Association is hosting cultural development and learning opportunities for foster carers, as a part of our Reconciliation Action Plan. The events will provide an opportunity for carers to come together, network and connect in a fun and interactive way whilst being involved in a rich cultural experience. In addition we are also doing several Facebook live webinars with topics relevant to carers. 


Upcoming forums: 


grief and loss



Previous Carer Forums

Darebin Spiritual Healing Walk - January


14 carers, 7 children and 6 staff enjoyed a walk through the Darebin Parklands, listening to Uncle Trevor promote emotional and spiritual well-being and a sense of being connected to the land.




Healesville Sanctuary Cultural Learning - February


On a beautiful February day, carers and kids had an incredible day at Healesville Sanctuary for one of FCAV's carer cultural forums, bringing carers together to develop their understanding of culture. 


The highlight of course was being in the company of Murrundindi, elder and head man (Ngurungaeta) of the Wurundjeri people, as he shared stories of his life and culture.


Murrundindi is passionate about sharing Wurundjeri culture and  playing the didgeridoo, showing us his possum skin cloak, demonstrating boomerang throwing, singing traditional songs in his language, having a yarn about his life and family history, and the flora and fauna around us. Murrundindi's main message is simple, respect yourself, respect others, and respect the land we live on.


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Self-Care Webinar “Remembering to care for you” - March



We hosted our first webinar on “Self-care” in March.  Presenters Tessa Hughes (CISS Manager and Meditation Teacher) & Deb Collard (CISS Coordinator and ICare2 Trainer) explained what self-care is and why it’s important as a foster carer, provided practical tips and a 10 minute meditation!


The live Facebook event had 25 carers watch live, and has since had over 1000 views and 100 reactions, comments and shares. Carers received a self-care pack and certificate following the event.


We received excellent feedback from participants, who all agreed the level and detail of the content was appropriate, the speakers were knowledgeable and the evening start time was convenient.

One carer said “This type of professional development is so helpful, and it offered some really great tips. It can be completed from home, hence very convenient and in a short time frame so you are not overwhelmed with information”.


Please email with your name and address if you wish to recieve a self-care package, including a template for you to write your own self-care plan with lots of different ideas and activites.


FCAV Self-Care Webinar “Remembering to care for you”

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first webinar on Self-care! We hope some of you found it helpful. Please email with your name and address if you wish to recieve a self-care package, including a template for you to write your own self-care plan with lots of different ideas and activites.

Posted by Foster Care Association of Victoria on Tuesday, March 27, 2018


CERES Cultural Learning - April


In April 2018 we hosted a Cultural Learning Morning Tea at CERES Environmental Park, with a morning tea and smoking ceremony with Wurundjeri elder, Ian Hunter.


It was a beautiful autumn day bringing 43 carers with young children. The carers welcomed the opportunity to have an event held on the weekend with a focus on cultural knowledge and learning. Wurundjeri elder Ian Hunter provided rich information about many aspects of the local area and Aboriginal culture. The children loved the sound of the didgeridoo as well as painting on canvas. Many women talked to staff and each other as they had their hands massaged and experienced a little pampering. It was a fabulous day in a magnificent setting. 


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