Carer KaFE Training Calendar 2020

Carer KaFE is very excited to be launching the 2020 Calendar very soon. We will be delivering existing sessions in areas which haven’t hosted them recently and we’re pleased to be introducing some amazing new sessions from trainers from across the world! The 2020 Calendar will include additional topics for kinship carers and those caring for Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander children and young people. It also includes Master Classes from Sarah Naish from the UK and a session from Richard Rose. This is the first time Sarah, expert in therapeutic parenting and attachment, has presented in Australia.


We will continue to host Retreats, Cultural Camps and Cultural Days. Next year we are adding a young Kinship Carer’s camp too. We are keeping the current online modules and adding to the number of webinars and podcasts for 2020. We encourage all staff and carers to keep an eye on and sign up to our mailing list and Facebook page.


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