Commitment to Supporting Carers Awards 2022

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We are conducting the Commitment to Supporting Carer Awards again this year following the success of the first awards last year.

The nominations all showed what agency worker support means to carers and how important it is for the retention of carers. 


These awards are an opportunity for foster carers to acknowledge an instance of receiving great support from an agency worker. We invited foster carers to submit a nomination for a worker who has made a difference for them. We reached out to our members via email campaigns and social media to seek a wide range of submissions from the community. We received a total of 50 nominations from foster carers.


The Carer Information and Support Service team went through the nominations to select a shortlisted group which will then be further analysed to find the two winners. 


We have created certificates to recognise those who were nominated, shortlisted as a finalist and winners. 


This year the FCAV has established 2 different awards:


  • Exemplary support reflecting consistently high-level commitment to carers Award
  • Outstanding support in exceptional circumstances Award


Shortlisted Workers 2022 

  • Tamara Bellamy - Anglicare 
  • Madison Kelly - MacKillop Family Services   

  • Dayna Liberato - MacKillop Family Services

  • Kelsi McWilliams - Anchor

  • Finn O'Dowd - Anglicare 
  • Sarah Rush - Anglicare 



We are pleased to announce our winners of the 2022 Commitment to Supporting Carers Awards, announced at our Carer Celebration & AGM  last week.


Winner of the Exemplary support reflecting consistently high-level commitment to carers Award: Madison Kelly – Mackillop Family Services. Quote from the nomination by a foster carer below.


” Madi is an outstanding member of the MacKillop family, and we would lost without her support and care. She demonstrates a commitment to her carers and children and acts only for the betterment of carers and their families. I cannot begin to express the gratitude and appreciation we have for Madison.” Madi is creative in her thinking and demonstrates reflexivity and responsiveness. She is incredibly thoughtful and makes time to imbed reflective practice in every interaction.”


Congratulations Madison. 



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Winner of the Outstanding support in exceptional circumstances Award: Tamara Bellamy – Anglicare Victoria  Quote from the nomination by a foster carer below.


Tamara organised regular (weekly/fortnightly) Care Team Meetings for the carer and child and when the family experienced hardships out of their control, Tamara stepped up and did everything possible to support the placement. The carer said “Her communication was wonderful, extremely responsive and empathetic.  If I had a question, I knew that if Tamara didn’t know the answer, she would find the answer in a timely manner. “After 18 years of fostering, and over 112 babies/children, we have never had an Agency worker who has shown and provided such a commitment to supporting us as Carers!



Congratulations to Tamara, our shortlisted workers and thank you to all the foster carers who nominated a woker this year whom make these awards possible.