CREATE Foundation update

Speak Up youth empowerment program




Young people with a care experience have expert first-hand knowledge about what the care system is like. Speak Up helps you learn how to use your experience to help make the system better.


Speak Up is fun, free and a great chance to meet new people (over Zoom)

You will receive:

- free food delivered to your door

- $25 gift card

- a certificate and something that looks good on your resume

- a free T-shirt


But most importantly…

Doing SUP means you can be a CREATE Young Consultant, and have lots of opportunities, like helping to training child protection workers, doing public speaking or talking to politicians.


Level 1:

Part 1: Thu July 9

Part 2: Fri July 10


4:15pm to 6:30pm both days


ONLINE via Zoom


Call 0482 043 205 or email patrick.weiniger@create> to register