Donate Now Button on Facebook

Raise funds for foster care support in 3 simple steps!

You may have noticed that Facebook has provided a ‘Donate Now’ button which you can add to your posts.

Follow the simple steps to give your networks the opportunity to donate to the Foster Care Association as your selected charity. It’s free and simple and funds donated are deposited directly to the Foster Care Association of Victoria and put to use to support foster carers!

  1. Click on the Add Donate Button
  2. Select Nonprofit – Type and select Foster Care Association of Victoria
  3. Add Donate Button

Donations help us to advocate, provide support and host events and giveaways for foster carers throughout Victoria.

The Foster Care Association of Victoria receives fixed funding from the Government to provide foster carers with information and a hotline for support to navigate the system. This funding does not meet the full cost of the Foster Care Association’s remit to carers and our larger aims for improvement to carer support within the sector.

Foster carers rely on the Foster Care Association to provide an independent source of information and support but also to be at the frontline of broader advocacy, urging changes to the system and bureaucracy that are not supportive of carers providing care to Victoria’s children and young people.

You can do this once or many times to a post of your own or a share this post and add a Donate Button. Try it today!

Donate now button