FCAV makes the Embracing Equality Pledge

The FCAV has proudly joined with other peaks and sector organisations to sign on to the Embracing Equality Pledge which aims to end LGBTIQ+  discrimination in Victoria. FCAV is a representative of a large number of LGBTIQ+ carer members and others who are caring for LGBTIQ+ young people who experience increased instances of vulnerability in relation to mental health, employment, education outcomes, homelessness and suicide. The FCAV passionately embraces our responsibility for safety, recognition and inclusiveness for our LGBTIQ+ community.


Read more about the Embracing Equality Pledge here: 🏳️‍🌈 Embracing Equality


We will broaden our anti-discrimation policies as a peak body and extend our commitment to offering safe and inclusive practises to all our members.

This involves reviewing language use and reducing assumptions in relation to gender and sexuality, exhibiting the pledge banner in our materials and include the use of pronouns in our signatures and online labels.

The Victorian Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities has shared this inclusive language guide for Victorian public services.

LBGTIQ-Inclusive-Language-Guide_bqdbiv.pdf (cloudinary.com)


Read media about the pledge here:

Victorian charities band together to fight LGBTIQ+ discrimination | PBA (probonoaustralia.com.au)