Foster Care Week 2021 - Agency events

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Foster Care Week 12 -18 September 2021


Foster Care Week is an annual event which celebrates and raises awareness about foster care in the care services sector and within the wider community. The events and celebrations held during foster care week aim to highlight and appreciate our valuable pool of foster carers and the contribution they make to the lives of vulnerable children and young people in our community.


2021 Theme: “Adaptability” Caring through COVID and the changed care environment


Celebrating carer’s adaptability and the sector’s adaptability to meet their needs:


  • Keeping children and young people safe and connected during a pandemic.
  • Adapting to the needs of the sector by undertaking increased responsibility with decreased access to supports.
  • Continued to provide a vital community service, in a health crisis, as dedicated volunteers
  • The multifaceted adaptations of the sector and service provision, support and the carer role and some of those adaptations that will be retained into the future such as online training, online therapeutic support, podcasts, webinars and online connectivity engaging remote and regional foster care members and keeping all carers and their supports connected during lockdowns and restrictions.


The Foster Care Association hosts an Events Calendar of Carer celebrations being held locally around the state to celebrate Foster Care Week.


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Using the link below please outline the celebration/s your agency may run to celebrate Foster Care Week, understanding in-person events may be subject to restrictions.

The calendar will go live in August Foster Care Week 2021 | Foster Care Association of Victoria (


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Thank you. Together we can raise the profile of Foster Care Week statewide