Improving the Carer Authorisation Policy

Following feedback from carers, the Department of Health and Human Services has been working with members of the Carer Advisory Groups and community service organisations to improve the process to authorise carers to make every day decisions for children in their care.


From 8 September 2018, the Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent) of an out of home care service is able to authorise accredited foster and prospective permanent carers to make decisions about specified issues for children in their care using a standard instrument of authorisation (standard authorisation).


The standard authorisation covers making decisions about:

  • routine medical and dental care (including child immunisations)
  • education related activities within Victoria
  • photographs in relation to school or other educational, sporting or community activity
  • overnight stays with a friend or sibling within Victoria (children over 4 years old)
  • haircuts to maintain an existing style or healthy condition.


The new process streamlines the authorisation process to prevent children from missing out on day-to-day activities and normalise their experience in care, as well as remove delays for carers.

For more information or to request a standard authorisation carers should speak to their agency case worker.