NEW POLICY FOR CARERS: Emergency physical restraint

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will soon be releasing a new policy for carers and workers on the use of emergency physical restraint on children and young people in Out of Home Care.


The policy helps carers understand the emergency circumstances when they may need to use a reasonable level of physical force to manage a child's behaviour in order to keep the child/young person or others safe. Knowing when and how reasonable force can be used is important for carers and the children their care. In some circumstances, carers may need extra help to understand a child's behaviour and how best to respond to their behaviour in a positive way that works for the individual child.


The policy, as well as a best practice guide to manage behaviour and a new online resource to support carers, will be available on the department's website from March 2018 at


If you think you might need training to better understand and respond to the behaviour of children in your care, please see the training calendar for carers at