Passport applications - carer experience

passportsThe FCAV is interested in hearing from carers about the challenges they have faced getting a passport for the children in their care.

Passport applications can be difficult and time consuming to navigate, carers often experiencing a confusing application process and difficult to satisfy documentary and permission requirements.

The FCAV is particularly interested to hear from carers about:


  • What identity documents you have been asked to provide?
  • Have you had to get a citizenship declaration?
  • What help has been offered by the Department of Families Fairness and Housing or your Agency?
  • Has the Passports Office been helpful and easy to access?
  • How long has the application process taken?
  • Have you had to make the difficult choice to cancel a holiday because you haven’t been able to obtain a passport?


Case studies and examples will assist FCAV advocacy for greater carer assistance with passport applications. If you want to directly contact the FCAV with your examples and issues please contact