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Supporting Care

"As a carer the hardest thing is not looking after the children in my care, no matter how complex their behaviours, the hardest challenge is working with the sector to get their essential services and medical appointments, educational and support needs met. The support and phone calls that FCAV was able to make on my behalf was invaluable."


Supporting Childhoods

By investing in the FCAV, you are investing in the childhoods of hundreds of children in care. Help provide better outcomes for children and young people in care through the provision of support, information and advocacy to carer households. Together we can directly impact the quality of life for children in care now and into the future. No donation is too small, and will contribute to providing a foster carer with the tools needed to transform a child’s life. It is our belief that the better the carer is supported, the better care they can provide for the child, therefore improving quality of life now and into the future. Please help us maintain our vital services and ensure that foster families receive the best support possible.


Why support the FCAV now?

In the shadow of recent events including the bushfire disaster during the summer and now the COVID-19 pandemic, children in home-based care are vulnerable and their carers need more support than ever. The FCAV provided key supports for foster care households in bushfire affected regions of Victoria during the 2019/20 summer.


As a service that is both trusted and independent, carers are able to ring the FCAV confident that their combined need to manage their own stress as well as the stress of already traumatised children during a crisis will be treated with sensitivity and discretion. The FCAV is providing support, learning and information which directly talks to the complexities of caring for a child who has experienced trauma during times of disruption.


As routines are disrupted and staying at home measures mean carers are doing without other supports with care, the FCAV is again on hand to provide support, learning and development online and advice for caring for children and young people through this period. COVID-19 has implications for child protection systems around the world, which have observed dramatic decreases in reporting. This is a concern for the fallout to come once restrictions are lifted. With foster carers already in critically short supply and evidence that there may be an increase in the number of children coming in to care, supporting foster carers and retaining them in the system has never been more critical.


The FCAV’s support and advocacy of care families will be even more in demand into the future. 


Why do we need your help?

The FCAV operates on limited funding from the Victorian Government via the Department of Health and Human Services. This funding has never covered the provision of all FCAV services and we have relied on our fundraising efforts to meet costs. With the advent of COVID-19 our capacity to fundraise at this time has been severely impacted and we are running at a loss which we cannot sustain.


We like to say that the organisation cuts above its weight in terms of the impact we have on the lives of children in care as a small not for profit, however without vital donations to our operations we are now at risk of losing services. We are making this call to philanthropists and donors to consider the FCAV and the difference your donation can make to the children and young people in care across Victoria at this critical time.


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