Supporting the Caring for Carers Program

Carers take on the welfare of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society and are at risk of compassion fatigue and burnout themselves.


One of the key objectives of FCAV it to enhance carers’ ability to improve the lives of children in their care through the provision of support and information. To better support carers and acknowledge the vital work they do that often goes unnoticed, FCAV are introducing a Caring for the Carers Program in 2019. This program will include three different ways of supporting carers and their wellbeing; overnight Carers Retreat, daytime Long Lunches and a Thank You Bank of gifts and giveaways.


By investing in FCAV, you are helping us provide better outcomes for over 4,000 carers across Victoria and the children in their care. Through the provision of support, information and advocacy together we can directly impact the care provided to the thousands of Victorian children in care. It is our belief that a more supported carer will provide better care for the child, thus improving their quality of life now and into the future.


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