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12 great reasons to become an FCAV member:

Here at FCAV our mission is to strengthen foster families and enhance the well-being of the children in their care. 

As a foster carer, there are several ways that FCAV can assist you:



  • Provide clarification about your rights and responsibilities as a foster carer.
  • Provides you with an independent perspective on questions or concerns you have relating to foster care
  • Attendance at meetings for support.
  • Regional visits to carer groups to learn what issues are effecting carers in your area.
  • Act as another support if you are experiencing difficulties with your foster child.


Information Sharing

  • Bring you up-to-date information about foster care through regular newsletters and
    e-News publications.
  • Provide you with accurate and concise information through our Info Sheet series.
  • Provide you with an informative and easy to navigate website.
  • Offer training opportunities (some free) with leading practitioners in raising foster children.
  • Provide summaries of staff and/or carer attendance at training, seminars and conferences to ensure the information learned is shared across our carer membership.



  • At the policy level, we represent your views and work to improve the foster care system through government consultation to influence policy development.
  • Our participation in policy, sector and government working groups ensures the interests of carers are considered in all levels of policy and best practice.


Get help/have your say/create change/join voices


Your community service organisation or foster care agency undertakes your caregiver assessment, facilitates training and is the contact for and offers support to you in your caring role with children and/or young people.


Separate to this, the FCAV is the voice of foster carers and this voice, works to improve the system for the children and young people we care for. FCAV responds to government consultations to influence policy development. We also drive action on themes that we see emerging through carers calling the Carer Information and Support Service (CISS) and as the voice of foster carers to represent your views in our responses to Government.


Become a member of FCAV, it's free, and add your views as foster care families to our work and assist in ensuring a better system for our children/young people.


Membership categories


  1. Full Member:
    The following categories of people are eligible to apply for Full Membership:
    1. an accredited provider of Foster Care;
    2. former providers of Foster Care;
    3. any person over the age of 21 years who is or has been in Home Based Care;
    4. any person with expertise required by the Board of Directors who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, holds values consistent with the purposes of the association. Employees of the association are not eligible for Full Membership, but may apply for Associate Membership.

  2. Associate Member:
    Any person (which, for the purposes of this clause 3, includes any organisation which has status as a legal entity separate from its members), including an employee of the Association, is eligible to apply for admission as an Associate Member if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, they hold values consistent with the purposes of the association. Associate Members have the rights and responsibilities of Full Members other than voting rights. They do not have the right to be nominated for or hold office.  Statutory or non-statutory kinship carers, permanent carers and adoptive parents fall into this category. 



Join Online Now or download the Membership Application Form


Whilst we strive to cover information across the care sector, if you are not a foster carer you may want to join your peak body to get the most relevant information for your caring experience. 

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