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June 20th, 2023

Amanda is an amazing foster carer based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

“Foster caring requires a village” Amanda says.

While she began providing care as a sole carer in 2019, she now lives with her best friend who is also an accredited foster carer and together they care for four boys under 6! Amanda always had a heart for kids, having worked with many children in the disability sector. She signed up and was accredited and has dedicated herself to the caring role ever since.

“These kids are not mine to keep. What a privilege to love them for a short time or a long time.

At the end of the day I consider this my passion and my career.”

“They have complex needs and require support to engage with the community, school and social skills but at home they are very settled with me.”

“For me it is a privilege to walk in the lives of these children and heap love on them, be their voice.”

“For the 10 month old in our care, he is on a plan for reunification and will be going home as soon as possible. I make sure to form a relationship with families. I create photobooks and note milestones for families so they miss nothing. A child comes with a history which has to be respected, a culture that is respected. I make sure I form connections with family. For father’s day last year I created a photobook for Dad, it is important to build a community with families.”

“…at this point I am assuming I’ll be the foster mum of 3 boys who will remain in my care for the longer term.

Amanda sees the care allowance funding as a thank you from the government for caring and opening her heart and home to vulnerable children. She says ‘it should not matter if I live in NSW or Victoria the rate should be reflective of the care provided.’

“Part of my role, is to recognise their strengths and build on them, and support them to overcome any barriers. Being their voice, advocating with the NDIS, it’s a big part of the role.”

“My agency has been very supportive. I have a great carer support worker from Anglicare Victoria. She is attentive, responsive, caring and empathetic. I count myself lucky. The case manager for the boys is really good too.  While I’ve got better at being self-advocate, if I need it, there is a respite carer for the boys. Recently I had a 21st Birthday to attend and they moved heaven and earth to find respite so that I could attend.  That makes me a better carer, because I had a break and got to do something important to me, in the end that makes me a better carer.”

“I also have a rapport with my Department worker. I am an open book and try to do my bit. There are frequent meetings, but that’s part of it.

I know what my calling is. I love it. 

My biggest piece of advice to other carers is to build a network. I didn’t have a social network to begin with who would understand your journey. Foster carers welcome you and that support is wonderful, they know why you’re there, why you are choosing this life.”

“I personally have found that through Carer KaFE training, you have so much to learn and I am now such a different carer than I was in 2019. I’ve grown as a carer, understand trauma informed care. I was lucky enough to go to the retreat in Ballarat. I made connections with other carers from all over state. We are still connected and stay friends on facebook. That was a wonderful chance to take care of myself. Take care of yourself. It’s easy to get tired and burnt out but I’ve found my calling. At the end of the day I hope to be able to do this work for rest of my life.”

Are you interested in sharing your carer experiences? If you are willing and able to be our next carer profile, please email Anna at a.viola@fcav.org.au for more information. 

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