Extension of the CAP

The FCAV is so pleased that the recent State budget included a contribution to fund the extension of the Carer Assistance Program, which together with a generous grant from the RO Fund, a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation  allows the FCAV to continue to provide free and tailored therapeutic support to carer's mental health, filling a significant gap in the support and well-being needs of our foster carers. 


“We’re delighted to be able to continue to provide the CAP service for another year through the generous grant from the RO Fund and the Government's contribution to the program. Carers access the CAP with issues of loss, grief, trauma and placement changes and as an impact of COVID-19, on them and the children in their care. This continued funding means more carers will have the opportunity to seek support which is delivered through a sector-specialised counsellor, targeted to the unique challenges faced by foster carers.”


“Our evidence suggests improvements over the sessions in their social, mental and emotional wellbeing. It shows that this has a longer-term impact on their care capacity and endurance to continue to provide care.” Tessa Hughes, Carer Information and Support Service, FCAV.


Since August 2020 the FCAV has been committed to re-connecting and developing our relationships with carer’s agencies. We had reached out to over 20 agencies and attended numerous team meetings across Victoria.

The team meetings are a fabulous opportunity to re-connect with staff in person following restrictions and promote services available from FCAV. Agency staff have expressed particular interest in the Carer Assistance Program (CAP).

Some agencies are familiar with the service and have received really positive feedback from their carers who had accessed the program. For some agencies, our visits were the first time they had heard of the program and they were very interested in having that option and promoting it to their carers.

Issues of loss, grief, trauma and placement changes are common themes amongst carers as well as impacts of COVID on the children in their care. Agency staff are able to provide a valuable link in assistance making the referral to CAP or you can refer yourself. Click here for CAP referral.