Kym Peake attends FCAV Board Meeting

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We were so pleased to have Kym Peake, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, attend the meeting of the FCAV Board of Directors on 11 February 2020.
Kym heard from our CEO and Board members about the range of issues being advocated by the FCAV including an overview of the Client Incident Management System (CIMS) process and its stressful impacts on carers, even when cleared of allegations. This included outlining the significant time commitment made by our Carer Support Team when supporting carers through a CIMS investigation for which the FCAV is not specifically funded.
Kym heard the call for funding to implement the improvements to services and supports to carers outlined in the Carer Strategy and questions by the FCAV in relation to the necessity to fund the program of work under the Strategy. 
The FCAV initiative to pursue working with other key organisations to actively raise the issue of unregistered Births for children and young people in homebased care was also a focus. We look forward to bringing you updates on these issues as they progress.