Medicare access campaign

Access to universal health services through Medicare is essential for all children. The FCAV is aware that many carers experience significant delays in getting a Medicare number/card and in many instances pay for medical services themselves. This can cause significant hardship for both children and carers.

The FCAV is developing an advocacy campaign to improve Medicare access and wants to hear from carers about their experience in getting Medicare numbers/cards.

Some key questions include:

  • Is the child in your care registered for Medicare?
  • How long has it taken to get a Medicare number?
  • What has been the reason for the delay?
  • How have agencies or the Department responded to requests for Medicare numbers
  • Have carers been provided access to Medicare through their doctor? (Doctors can get access to Medicare numbers in some instances)
  • Have carers had out of pocket medical expenses because of the delay in getting Medicare numbers?


If you are currently experiencing difficulties in getting access to Medicare the FCAV may be able to assist you. Please contact Rowan Pulford with your name and contact number at: