Reconciliation Action Plan update

We were so grateful to have VACCA staff, Kylie and Brent, join us on Friday 19th February 2021 to present the Review of the Family Matters Report; . 

Brent Ryan and a representative from the VACCA Nugel team, Kylie Ponchard, spoke about Section 18 and Transition of children and young people in care out of the Child Protection system and into Nugel.

We also had the opportunity to review the developed Guiding_Principles_for_working_with_ACCOs.pdf  (Guiding Principles for working with ACCOs). 

The Guiding Principles were recently developed in partnership with VACCHO as one of our RAP initiatives. These principles are designed to guide FCAV staff in developing positive relationships and partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities, to engage and work together to deliver services and initiatives in the Out of Home Care sector.

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.