Carer Assistance Program - Update

Thank you to all foster carers and agency staff for getting behind the FCAV’s new therapeutic support program for Victorian foster carers – the Carer Assistance Program (CAP). Since launching, The CAP has been steadily receiving referrals directly from carers across Victoria, as well as from agency staff, on behalf of carers.

The CAP has already offered many hours of therapeutic support to several carers, focussing on a range of issues, including system fatigue and debriefing, relinquishing care, relationship breakdowns and anxiety and depression. Carer feedback so far, has confirmed that having a program that delivers a confidential service, focussed on carer wellbeing, is greatly valued by foster carers. In addition, carers have reported that having a program that delivers this with sector specific knowledge and expertise, is of significant benefit.

Over the last 6 weeks, The Carer Information Support Service (CISS) Team, alongside The CAP, have also engaged with over 40+ staff from various agencies across Victoria, to promote and discuss all support programs delivered by The FCAV’s carer support services. These contacts have included attendance at agency team meetings and the positive feedback by staff has been unanimous; that is, all agencies acknowledge the previous gap in the service system for carers and recognise the importance of therapeutic support for carers, as it demonstrates the system values them and is committed to their overall wellbeing.

The CAP is continuing to take referrals for appointments on a Monday and Tuesday.

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